Dr. Harley completed a Master’s degree in Philosophy specializing in analytical philosophy and philosophy of mind as well as a Master’s degree in History specializing in early 20th century intellectual history.  He completed a Ph.D. degree in Education at the University of Toronto specializing in educational theory in general and the educational theory and practice of the noted British philosopher Bertrand Russell in specific.  His thesis research employed the assistance of Bertrand Russell’s daughter to track down ex-teachers and ex-students from his experimental school Beacon Hill.  He was awarded a Canada Council Doctoral Award as well as a Canada Council Post Doctoral Award.  He has over 30 years of direct experience as an educational consultant, principal, school administrator and researcher.

The purpose of his blog is to present various opinions, articles and book reviews related to the current state of education and the changing challenges presented to students, teachers and parents.

The views presented do not necessarily reflect the views of Robert Land Academy and are the sole responsibility of the author.

Fairness in University Applications Under Debate

An article was recently posted by Global News entitled “One university’s secret list to judge applicants by their high schools - not just their marks”  The article discusses the use by the University of Waterloo of computerized studies in which the final high school marks by which students were admitted...